Mike Mayes, the owner and head trainer of Battle Ridge K9 Services, LLC retired from the West Virginia State Police after 25 years of service in October 2011.  He retired at the rank of Captain.  During his tenure he has served as an officer working the field as well as a supervisor and administrator.  He presently serves as Chief Deputy with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department.

In 1994, Mike initiated a statewide K9 program for the State Police and served as the commander and trainer for that program from 1995 until 2003. During this time while serving as supervisor of the K9 program, Mike provided supervision and training to over 30 K9 handlers across the state. While assigned as commander of the K9 program, Mike handled two patrol dogs and one explosive detection dog. During the past 24 years, Mike has personally trained over 600 police service dogs.

K9 Experience

Special Operations (West Virginia State Police)

  • - K9 Operations Commander
  • - Daily Supervison of 16 handlers
  • - Oversee Roadway/Nonroadway Interdiction Programs
  • - Conduct training of K9 teams
  • - Supervise K9 teams during deployments
  • - Selection of handlers/dogs
  • - Conduct in-service training of K9 teams
  • - Develop Unit S.O.P.’s



  • Huntington East High School
    - H.S. Diploma, 1982
    West Virginia Institute of Technology
    - A.S. Degree
    - Engineering, 1985
    Marshall University
    - A.S. Degree
    - Applied Police Science, 1987
    West Virginia State College
    - B.A. Degree
    - Board of Regents, 1990
    Marshall University
    - M.S. Degree
    - Occupational Safety, 1996


Education Related Training

  • 32 week cadet training
    - October 1986
    Criminal Patrol Drug Enforcement School September 1989
    - Florida Highway Patrol
    Basic Drug School March
    - 1991
    Marijuana Eradication School May 1992
    - Camp Dawson
    Firearms Trafficking Task Force Training June 1994
    - ATF
    Advanced K9 Handlers Street Survival Training March 1995
    - Madison County Sheriffs Department, Virginia
    Patrol K9 Seminar April 1996
    - West Virginia Police Canine Association
    Mantrailing Techniques
    - Tracking/Scent Association May 1996
    - Kansas Department of Corrections
    Instructor Development Course July 1997
    - NorthStar Research Inc.
    Supervision of Police Personnel September 1997
    - Northwestern University
    Domestic Canine Interdiction August 1999
    Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training August 1999
    - Florida National Guard
    Explosive Detector Dog Training November 1999
    - Wilmington Police Department, North Carolina
    Police Internal Affairs School
    - January 2001
    Advanced Tactical K9 Training June 2001
    - North American Police Work Dog Association
    Handgun Firearms Instructor School
    - June 2001
    Rifle Firearms Instructor School
    - September 2001
    Emergency Response to Terrorism
    - March 2002
    Tactical Considerations
    - National Fire Academy
    Vulnerability Assessment Training April 2002
    - Defense Threat Reduction Agency (Military)
    Explosive Recognition
    - October 2002
    Legal Aspects of Terrorism January 2003
    - U.S. Attorneys Office
    - Southern District
    Advanced Supervision
    - March 2003
    Homeland Security – Threat Assessments
    - Camp Dawson March 2007
    Executive Command School
    - April 2007


Work Related Training and Experience

  • Owner/Operator of Battle Ridge K9 Services, Madison, West Virginia, since 1997
    Professional trainer of police K9s since 1990
    Initiated Statewide K9 Program
    Handled two (2) patrol dogs and two (2) explosive dogs for the Statewide K9 Program
    Personally trained or provided maintenance training for over 300 police K9 teams
    Trained or provided maintenance training of K9 teams for over 55 police agencies
    Head Trainer for the Statewide K9 Program K9 Operations from 1993 – 2003
    Certified patrol/narcotic K9 handler by North American Police Work Dog Association
    Certified explosive detector K9 handler by North American Police Work Dog Association
    Extensive experience in field testing police service dogs from Holland, Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany
    Member of NAPWDA (North American Police Work Dog Association)
    Former Board of Directors, West Virginia K9 Search and Rescue
    Past vice President, West Virginia Police K9 Association
    West Virginia State Coordinator for North American Police Work Dog Association
    Certified by the Governor’s Committee on Crime, Delinquency & Correction in the following areas:
    - LET Certified Handgun instructor
    - LET Certified Rifle Instructor
    LET Certified Instructor of police service K9s in the area of:
    - Narcotic detection
    - Utility/patrol work
    Instruct Law Enforcement Officers in the Use of Police K9′s to include:
    - Preparing the Crime Scene for Tracks
    - Tactical Building Searches for Felons
    - Tactical Area Searches
    - Police K9s used for narcotic searches
    Instructor for the St. Albans Police Department Fall K9 Training Seminar- October 2006
    Instructor for the St. Albans Police Department Fall K9 Training Seminar- September 2007


Awards, Accommodations and Promotions

  •   Letter of Commendation from Greg Brewer, criminal investigation
    Letter of Commendation, U.S. Marshals, assistance with coal strike
    Letter of Commendation, Madison Lioness Club
    Letter of Commendation, Tomblin murder investigation
    Outstanding Young Police Officer, 1989
    Promoted to the rank of Sergeant, August 1997
    Promoted to the rank of First Sergeant, May 2000
    Promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, August 2002
  • Appointed to the rank of Captain, April 2011



  • Trooper’s Journal
    Statewide K9 Program Risk Management Program
    North American Police Work Dog Association Magazine
    West Virginia Law Enforcement Fieldbook, 2nd Edition
    The Trooper Newsletter
    The Educator (Training Source from a Law Enforcement Academy)
    Authored the Standard Operating Policies and Procedures for the Statewide K9 Program K9 Operations