St. Albans Police K9

At Battle Ridge K9, we offer German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Dutch Malinois and Belgian Malinois to perform a variety of dual purpose work. Each breed can be crossed trained in narcotics and patrol.

All dual purpose dogs are trained as passive indicators in narcotics detection unless otherwise specified. The patrol aspect of training includes on/off leash obedience, officer protection, criminal apprehension to include felony open area/building searches and tracking.

K9 Detection

We conduct our training in a number of locations throughout the area. These training sites include community centers, schools, city garages as well as area businesses. Tracking is conducted in the rural areas as well as city scenarios and everything in between, which exposes the dogs to different surfaces during their training. During training all the dogs are exposed to real life scenarios and settings.



Cambridge Police K9

The trainers at Battle Ridge K9 have extensive experience in testing and selecting imports from Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic and Germany. We specialize in social dogs that have the temperament to perform dual purpose work. A good dual purpose dog starts with selection and testing. By selecting the best possible candidate, you eliminate many problems that can be encountered if a substandard prospect is chosen. We choose green dogs that have the drives, nerves, temperament and natural abilities to excel in training. That’s why at Battle Ridge K9 great attention is paid to the individual selection and testing of dogs sold to our customers.