Battle Ridge Kennels & K9 Services, LLC Offers German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for patrol work, tracking/trailing and  narcotic detection. We have recently acquired foundation dogs to start our on breeding of Labrador Retrievers.  These labs will come from super strong field trial lines such as Ebonstar Lean Mac, Candlewood and Code Blue kennels to name a few.

We have young dogs on a regular basis that are up and coming. We work with them daily to lay the proper foundation for detection work, tracking and all phases of apprehension. We ensure that they have super hunt and retrieve drives to perform any type of detection work. They are challenged and motivated every day with hunt games that keep them interested and intense. During bite training, the proper foundation is laid to ensure full grips and to work on their fight drive. We want dogs that are intense in their drives but that are still clear headed and social.  In addition to the dogs we raise from our breeding program we also import dogs from several overseas kennels.  If we don’t have a dog in kennel that fits your needs, acquiring one usually takes less than a week.  Feel free to contact us for additional information.

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Name:  Bali

Age:  21 months

Breed:  Malinois

Training:  Bali is finished in his narcotics work…trained to give a passive indication.  He is started in obedience, tracking and bitework.  He is social but will bite for real.